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We provide individually tailored support, guidance, and education to women and their families throughout pregnancy, birth, and the first year of life. Our Boston area birth doula and postpartum doula support looks different for each and every client but is always professional, compassionate, and judgement-free. We support all kinds of families through all kinds of pregnancies and birth experiences, leaving you feeling positive, empowered, and ready to tackle anything that comes your way as you transition to parenthood.

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"Emily was a superb advocate for recognizing and making sure my needs were met while working seamlessly as part of the care team. She instinctively knew when to step in and when to step back. Emily combines a level-headed, reassuring presence with an unbelievable amount of empathy and emotional support. Having Emily as my doula was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy."

- The Morrison-Howe Family


"Emily is warm, confident, knowledgeable and responsive. Thanks to Emily, we had a positive birth experience that was both memorable and empowering. With Emily’s support, we were able to make informed decisions every step of the way - from developing our birth plan to adapting that plan during our labor and delivery. An invaluable member of our birth team, she provided the physical and emotional support I desperately needed while reassuring my husband when unplanned interventions were required. Emily’s support made all of the difference in such a momentous period of our lives. She helped us all feel truly nurtured and supported."

- The Corazzini/Mulvey Family


"We were delighted to have Emily be a part of the birth of our son. As this was our first baby, we wanted someone by our side who could educate us on what to expect and would help lead us through the process. From the moment we met Emily she has been calming and personable and actually made the labor and delivery process fun! Her thoughtful and well laid out meetings prior to birth were crucial in helping us feel prepared, and once I went into labor, she was at the hospital within moments of my arrival and stayed with us the entire time. Even though my husband and mother were there for support, Emily’s expertise and her presence relaxed us so that we could share in, and enjoy, the experience together. We also took advantage of Emily’s postpartum assistance – we trust her completely with our son and have reveled in the advice and guidance she was able to offer and the sympathy and support she provided as we recounted the challenges of early parenthood. Having Emily by our side through this process has been a huge relief and a true blessing."

- The Wheeler Family

doula review baby bean boston

"Emily Newberg was a superior choice for a Doula, my wife and I were incredibly lucky to find her. Emily combines grace, a sense of humor, professional savvy and competence, compassion, and--not a factor to be overlooked--nearly heroic stamina! She was an incredible asset to our family in ameliorating the roughest, most stressful, and exasperating aspects of the birth experience."

- The Meyer/McNeil Family

"We had a great experience with Emily as our doula for the birth of our second child. Emily is very well-organized, personable and enthusiastic, and she made me feel comfortable from the start. We were one of her first clients, but she was so professional and knowledgeable, you wouldn't have known that she was still getting her footing! We knew a bit of what to expect going into our second natural labor and delivery, but knew that things can and do change from the first time around. Boy, were we right! Things progressed quickly and I didn't labor long at home, so Emily met us at the hospital where things were pretty intense already. Much of it is a blur, but I know she was absolutely essential to have there for me (chasing down a nurse for socks for my freezing feet, keeping me focused on my breathing when I really wanted to panic), but also for my husband who very much appreciated the support and the extra hands. It was a much faster, tougher experience than with my firstborn, but Emily helped us get through it!"

- The Nicholson Family

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